Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Disgraceful Blur.

Blair is taking people for fools.

Published Jul 15, 2017
Steve Crowther, the UKIP interim leader has responded to the claims of disgraced former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, who claims that the EU will reform, that jobs are being lost and that the UK is changing its mind over Brexit as "taking people for fools".
“Tony Blair’s latest intervention into the Brexit debate proves two things: that he is absolutely unaware of his own reputation in the country; and that he simply cannot stop taking the British people for fools.
“Talk of a ‘reformed EU’ being prepared to 'meet us halfway' is precisely the same nonsense that David Cameron was spouting before the Referendum. The EU had a chance to offer reform and meet us halfway before we voted, but they were too arrogant and complacent to do so.
“The signals they are now sending through Mr Blair and Mr Clegg show that the EU are not nearly as bullish about their strength in these negotiations as they have been pretending. Too little, too late – insultingly so.
“Which side in these negotiations is Mr Blair working for?”

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