Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Father's Love Confounds Pro-Abortion Activists.

"Michael," whose son, "Marcus," was rescued through the pro-life Women's Choice Network in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, single-handedly derailed a group of pro-abortion activists Tuesday.
Actually, "single-handedly" might be an overstatement, since Marcus, his 2-year-old son, was there too, playing a vital role in an exchange caught on video and made public by comedienne Lizz Winstead — the co-creator and former head writer at Comedy Central's The Daily Show.
These days, Winstead is leading a multi-state crusade called "Exposing Fake Clinics," aimed at smearing pregnancy centers online and in person. Pittsburgh was the campaign's first stop, with Winstead sending in a fake client and her fake boyfriend into a Women's Choice Network location Monday ahead of the scheduled Tuesday protest.

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