Thursday, July 27, 2017

How Labour Achieved 13 Million Votes.

Brian Sheridan, Sheffield. Yorks Post.
HOW on earth did we not see it coming? In hindsight the reason for the unexpectedly high Labour vote in the recent General Election seems blindingly obvious.
The young do not read newspapers at all, let alone the right wing tabloids such as the Daily Mail and the Daily Express.
Even television and radio are marginalised in their lives. Jeremy Corbyn realised that if he could harness the social media the sky was the limit: resulting in what had become the gravest General Election of recent times being skewed by the single issue of tuition fees.
Numpties who voted for a party whose leadership has links with terror groups. Mr Sheridan forgot to mention numpties. However poor the alternatives - NO such group deserved the vote of any normal human being!
If they 'did not know' - they should have! - Numpties!
If they voted Labour knowing this - noxious numpties!
Offensive, me? - You betcha! But only a fraction as offensive as those who have supported EVIL! 

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