Monday, July 31, 2017

Tory Brexit Betrayal Nicely Under Way!

Tory Brexit Betrayal Is Up And Running

Published Jul 28, 2017
Today Philip Hammond, the Tory Chancellor gave out what some will see as a contradictory message that following Brexit in March 2019 the UK will probably continue to deal with the EU on much the same basis as before Brexit.
Hammond claimed that the UK will leave the Single Market and Customs Union, then indicated that an unspecified 'transition period' will be needed to negotiate a 'new treaty'. During this time unlimited immigration from the EU will continue, as long as EU citizens register their name with the Home Office. It is also likely that during this 'transition period', which could last for many years the UK will continue to be subject to ECJ (European Court of Justice ) oversight, be unable to sign any trade deals, continue to pay billions into the EU's coffers, have to abide by EU law and not have control of its borders with the EU or its fishing grounds.
John Bickley, UKIP's Immigration spokesman said, "Philip Hammond, a Remainer who didn't want the UK to leave the EU, is telling the British public that the UK will be leaving the Single Market and Customs Union, both core constructs of the EU, by March 2019, in other words the Tory party will deliver Brexit. However, in the same breath he appears to be indicating that the Tories intend to keep the UK in the EU in all but name for an unspecified period, with uncontrolled immigration from the EU continuing for many years after 2019. This means that hundreds of thousands of EU immigrants will be added to the population in the five years from last June's EU referendum to the 2022 General Election. The 3.2 million EU citizens already here will not be asked to leave. 
Bizarrely, the chancellor commented on the unreadiness of the various government institutions to manage the UK's borders and immigration by 2019. Why? It is over a year since the referendum result and a clear mandate to government to leave the EU. Why didn't the government immediately begin planning and recruiting staff so that our borders could be controlled by 2019. Since 2015 UKIP has stated that at least 4,000 extra Border Agency staff are needed to get a grip of our borders and uncontrolled immigration. Maybe the alleged comment by the previous chancellor, that Cameron's cabinet didn't believe in controlling immigration and that the Tories 'tens of thousands' immigration pledge was a political soundbite tells the British public that the Tories are hell bent on betraying the Referendum result and keeping the UK subservient to a foreign power for many years to come."      

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