Saturday, July 01, 2017

"Happy Eid."

I heard yesterday of a local Indian lady who was a sikh but became a Christian.
She berates the ignorance of so many people who wish her "a happy Eid." 
Clearly, this is very well-intentioned but it does rather show up the appalling lack of understanding we have of 'other religions' in the UK.
I return to my point from a fortnight ago about this blanket association of Islam with terrorism.
Shia moslems shun all such things in the UK - that is a pretty large group. The vast majority of Sunni moslems reject such tactics - as do their varying 'denominations'. 
Only a small handful of Islamic groups adopt this thinking - the Saudi-backed Wahabis, for one nasty example.
I am not saying that this does not mean that there is no problem as there most certainly is!
This could still mean anything between 20,000 to 100,000 in our nation who both hate and work against us.
We really do not need Pegida, Anne Marie Waters et al stirring up hatred in groups where there was none before.
If Anne Marie Waters should be elected leader of Ukip - I shall tear up my membership and shall abandon them for all time. I tried walking away last year - the next time will be final!
Pegida groups have infiltrated Ukip in the last year and must be expelled. 
All they can offer us is even more innocent blood. Identifying these extreme rightists will not be easy - but I did not join this party to have it taken over by nut jobs. We have had enough well-intentioned buffoons without adding purely malevolent forces.

Grenfell - One Year On.