Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Remainer Warns Of Social Unrest With Half-Cock Brexit.

A TORY Remainer has warned of “serious social unrest” if Britain held onto “bits” of the EU such as the European Court of Justice (ECJ), after proclaiming “Brexit means Brexit”. By .

Robert Halfon said remaining under the jurisdiction of the ECJ even through a transition period could lead to  voters feeling democracy was being “subverted”.
Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Westminster Hour, the former Education Secretary insisted “leave means leave”.
He said: “I voted Remain because I believe that the EU was an alliance of democracies and I believe we should support an alliance of democracies.
“However, I’ve firmly come to the view that the public voted to leave, they didn’t vote to be part of bits of it and I think that actually, leave means leave or dare I say it – Brexit means Brexit. Express.

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