Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Massive House Price Crash Being Predicted.

 House prices are a classic example of market-driven economics. Whatever temporary forces might create a blip in the market, ultimately, it is a self-regulating mechanism which will ensure that prices find their true level.
House prices are especially high at the moment - but that is what they should be as we have far too many people for far too few houses. This is the fault of successive governments.

 This has occurred because of three principal factors:
1) Insufficient houses are being built - which means that with prices so high - young couples will never be able to afford their own home. (This would be partially remedied if Britain After Brexit were to be implemented.)
2) We have permitted unimaginable numbers of people to come to this country just because they feel like doing so,
3) With illegal immigration somewhere (who really knows?) north of 150,000 per year - the pressures increase on lower cost housing.
In addition to this, the national bill for housing benefits has a negative and artificial effect on the system - especially in London. Landlords are effectively off the leash - then government funded.
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To the public purse this is unsustainable!

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