Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Our 'Justice System' DOES NOT WORK.

Criminals out of jail on probation 'murder 76 people a year': Offenders were also charged with more than 1,000 rapes and 134 kidnaps over five year period.

  • Criminals under official supervision have been charged with nearly 400 murders
  • Offenders on probation were charged with 382 murders between 2012 and 2016
  • Joanna Dennehy killed men while under the supervision of probation workers. 

  • Now consider the leftist abolitionists. Assuming incorrectly that six or seven decades ago - please note the time scale - one or two people were wrongly executed - this is the deepest wrong imaginable.
There are several problems here. The first is that Hanratty was proved guilty by modern forensics. The guilt of Timothy Evans was established 'beyond reasonable doubt' in The Two Killers of Rillington Place by John Eddowes.

Still the abolitionists crow about old news! Note these six DOZEN deaths which are unarguable and are happening every single year! (Senior Probation Officer, Peter Coad, revealed this horror when writing to the Press a dozen years ago so why is it constantly brushed under the carpet?)
WHO, with even a scintilla of proportion and integrity can blithely ignore real miscarriages of justice? - Put simply, a liberal justice system and this is what you get.

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