Friday, June 23, 2017

Brexit: Theresa's Risky Strategy.

Making the offer that EU nationals currently in the UK should be able to stay - provided that a similar quid pro quo comes from the EU - looks like a prima facie, poor negotiating tactic. After all - there are scores more EU citizens here than Brits in EU nations! Have the words 'bargaining chip' no meaning to these people?
If you were negotiating with people of goodwill, then it may have been viewed as a positive, friendly gesture. 
We, however, are negotiating with the Evil Empire which will be more like Chamberlain dealing with Herr Hitler than friends searching for a DECENT, HONEST CONCLUSION.
The EU's past record of screwing the UK hardly bodes well with these tactics at the fore.
Proof? - Look at how many senior eurocrats have openly declared that the UK 'must be punished'.
Even if you did not mind granting this concession - why would you gift it away so very easily?
This does not look like any sort of good start to Brexit negotiations, to me.

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