Friday, June 23, 2017

What Summer Is For.

We had a good friend to tea yesterday - and what a relief. We had been trying to catch up with her for six months or more and nothing had worked - but finally, a mutually agreed date was discovered and I cooked baked plaice with herbs and lime. It was a relief to tick a name off our list.

Little seems to happen in winter and you then spend large chunks of summer inviting people and being invited.
We are currently less than half way through a lengthy list which does not even include the assorted relatives up with whom we need to keep. (Thanks, Winston.)
Beyond this list, there is another, even longer one, of people who are friends (note the small 'f') with whom I/we need to 'go out for a drink with' but only get around to it, intermittently.
(By the way, first time that I've cooked flat fish - and yowzah, it was pretty good!)

Defining Worship.

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