Friday, June 23, 2017

Obituary Column Brings Back Memories.

I have just spotted the reported death of a lady I once knew slightly. Her elder son went to school with me and, indeed, travelled on the same bus.
Now, in our village, my Dad was the local police officer who arrested this guy on several occasions for quite serious offences of stealing.
It was fascinating to me how his two very middle class parents reacted. Dad would come home spitting feathers because of their horrendous attitudes.
"Our little boy wouldn't do that."
"It's your fault!"
"Why are you picking on him?"
"He has told you that he didn't do it, so why won't you believe him?"
Facts did not matter. They possessed a liberal mindset and once finally convinced that their renegade son was indeed responsible, did not think he should be punished.
Farewell, Mrs E. You helped form my political opinions!
(I am not absolutely sure, as my good source was second-hand, but am convinced sufficiently to write here, that as a young man, this amiable rogue was arrested driving a getaway car during an armed robbery - if true - the liberal upbringing had surely worked a treat!)

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