Sunday, June 25, 2017

Global What?

I remember 1976 as the worst summer of my life; hay fever, asthma, being unable to sleep at night (who in the UK installs aircon?), discomfort, avoiding the garden and enduring a general sense of misery and malaise.
Now that was one hot summer. I wonder how many people have noticed that 'climate change' has meant that we have been getting identical summers every year since 1976 - except gradually getting hotter?
You haven't? Over a period of more than four decades? What is wrong with you? - You will soon be plummeting down the slippery slope to becoming a global warming denier!
When people tell us that we MUST believe something like this - why can't we have a mega televised debate - say three hours on the BBC? Well-qualified 'warmists' and 'deniers' head to head.

When they categorically refuse to do things like this - mistrust, mistrust and mistrust again until they show us some proven evidence - preferably which has not been faked! (Please do not proffer the hugely discredited, Al Gore guff.)

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