Friday, June 30, 2017

England Has Too Many People!

RG Davis, Hawkcliffe View, Silsden. Yorks Post.

LAST week, my wife and I were on holiday, with our caravan in Scotland, near Kirkcudbright to be precise.

Unfortunately, I suffered rather a bad nose bleed. I attended the A&E Department of the Crichton Hospital in Dumfries. I was triaged after about 15 minutes and attended by a consultant after a further five minutes, and action taken to rectify my problem, which has proved to have been resolved. All this in the space of about 45 minutes.
What a difference to my local hospital, Airedale at Steeton near my home, which I have always been relatively happy with, apart from the last few years.
Here the waiting times have apparently “gone out of the window”. To me it is obvious why there is a difference. There are just too many people in England.
I think the whole of Scotland has a population in the region of seven million, which I believe is less than that of London.
We all hear about the problems with the NHS, police, schools, public services etc being unable to cope and being underfunded.
There are just too many people in this country of ours. Our politicians need to face up to reality and stop pussyfooting around the problem.
When are we going to have a leader who does something positive instead of talking? Theresa May has gone down in my estimation and needs to “put up or shut up”.
Jeremy Corbyn is certainly not the answer. Having given a speech at Glastonbury, where will he appear next – Blue Peter?

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