Saturday, June 24, 2017

Politically Incorrect? - Well, Accuracy Is Far More Important!

Consider the South Yorkshire village of Thurnscoe. This was located in amongst prosperous coal seams. The miners made an excellent living but as the seams became ever less viable, local pits such as Hickleton Main closed down. The number of jobs in the area were few indeed.
Thurnscoe has since turned into a multi-generational nest of welfare abuse, drugs, crime and general fecklessness - although to be fair the numbers of cars, Sky Satellite systems and giant TV screens seen illuminated through windows seem to be little fewer than in my own lower middle class estate.
Single mothers in rampant profusion, have babies who are producing their own illegitimate offspring some fifteen or so years later.
People wander around in idleness KNOWING that they are entitled to live off the state.
Where are the small businesses that would have sprung up throughout the Indian subcontinent?
- Well. People do not have to work. Education is generally shunned. They take their rent ready-paid on their council estate housing, their handouts and do a little bit of casual work 'on the black'. It isn't all that bad a life for most. I refer you again to the picture above.

Grenfell - One Year On.