Thursday, June 29, 2017

Duckenfield To Be Prosecuted Over Hillsborough Disaster.

We all know that David Duckenfield, as senior Police Officer at the Hillsborough Disaster, made mistakes - as did other officers who will also now be prosecuted. They faced a situation that was new and did not fit into any guidelines.
 They did what they thought was best at the time - and were wrong.
They were acting under extreme pressure as a result of the foul behaviour of so many ticketless Liverpool fans - which made the situation extremely dangerous. (I have personally talked the matter over with several magistrates who lived along the route and saw for themselves precisely how out of control were the actions of so many hooligans.)
Just as this scouse riffraff had no intention of causing scores of tragic deaths - even less so did the Police who were trying to exercise a modicum of control.
The total absence of malice or intent should have put a stop to this appalling witch hunt 28 years ago. Duckenfield and others were left completely broken.
My Early Bird Prayer Group has been praying specifically for a lady officer from the disaster who, is what the Americans would call, 'a train wreck'.
If this is justice - include me out!

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