Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Remainers Are FAILING Our Nation.

Tory Remainers fail British Tax-payers.

Some months ago UKIP made it very clear that the only EU citizens that should be given 'leave to remain' in the UK after it leaves the EU are those that arrived here before the triggering of Article 50. UKIP also made it clear that once the UK leaves the EU no benefits should be paid to any non UK resident relatives of EU citizens qualified to remain in the UK.
Theresa May and her Remain dominated government have just written a blank cheque with UK taxpayers' money to not only allow any EU citizens that come here before a yet to be announced cut off date to be given 'settled status' but for their relatives to join them, regardless of the size of their families, as long as they do so before the UK leaves the EU.
John Bickley, UKIP's Immigration Spokesman said, "Today we've seen a glaring example of why the Tories, Parliament and the Establishment cannot be trusted to look out for British citizens, going out of their way to unilaterally favour EU citizens by writing a blank cheque, using taxpayers' money, that will allow millions of EU citizens the right to live in the UK. They will have access to public services and benefits, although most of those dependents that arrive will not work and therefore not pay any contributions to fund public services. No other country in the World would allow settled immigrants the right to invite their extended family into that country and de facto be given citizens' rights and free access to public services and benefits. 
Quite frankly, this unjustified and uncosted move shows that the Government isn't be to be trusted with the Brexit negotiations and because of the Tories' own goal by calling a general election, that they should have won hands down, are displaying appalling negotiating tactics and guile. If a significant number of UKIP MPs had been elected (which a proportional representation voting system would have guaranteed) then UKIP would have stopped this embarrassing and amateurish example of 'caving in' at the first hurdle".           

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