Saturday, June 24, 2017

England Pipped By Three Runs in Exciting T20.

At Taunton, because it is such an easy batting wicket and a smallish ground, to boot, when the South Africans were put in by Cap'n Morgan - you wondered how many over 200 they would score.
When they only set England a niggardly 174 target - the match was as good as won.
BUT, then came the profoundly controversial deciding point of the game and it was neither from batsmen nor bowlers!
Jason Roy - finally back to his scintillating best - was leading England to a relatively easy victory when controversy struck. The England batsmen got into a bit of a muddle running a single. Roy was pushing hard to make his ground. The ball was thrown at the stumps and struck Roy.
The bowling side claimed 'obstructing the field' as his turn in mid run had disadvantaged the thrower with his attempt to run out Roy, being unfairly blocked by his body.
This had certainly happened but was down to interpretation. For me, there were two deciding factors:
1) Was it deliberate? 
2) Would the ball have struck the wicket?
The third umpire with the TV gave 'out' and although I cannot disagree with his decision - it seemed harsh at the time. Had I been a resident of Capetown - maybe I would have felt differently.
In any case, the later England batting order was a bit of a shambles and the match was narrowly lost. The short series will now be decided on Sunday afternoon.
Liam Livingstone, the Lancashire youngster, did not impress on debut. He dropped a routine catch and batted limply in the latter stages of the game.
WHY was he picked? - His First Class average is a brilliant 48 but his average in T20 is a distinctly below par 19.

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