Wednesday, June 28, 2017

UK - At Front Of US Trade Queue.

Senior Congressman confirms Britain 'ahead of the queue' for trade deal.

Published Jun 26, 2017
A senior US Congressman has said that Britain would be put ahead of the queue for a free trade deal with America.In a meeting with UKIP MEP Bill Etheridge, the first UK politician he had met with since his appointment to the trade role, George Holding said that the UK "would be better off outside the EU" and the UK would get a good deal with America.
Congressman Holding, who sits on the US subcommittee on trade, met with Mr Etheridge when he was in the USA to discuss key opportunities which will be made post Brexit.
"George Holding is one of the most important men on Capitol Hill when it comes to trade deals, and he made it crystal clear that the historic relationship the UK has with America will mean once we are free from Brussels we can establish a new deal which will benefit people both sides of the Atlantic," he said. 
"It was great news to be told on what I hope will become the UK's Independence Day, June 23rd, should Brexit negotiations actually go the way the people voted, that we have these opportunities which will benefit our economy.
"Instead of listening to the scare mongering of the architects of Project Fear, whose tales of woe were disproved following the vote, we should be looking to the great opportunities we have as a nation, free from the restraints of Brussels and able to embrace global free trade which will not only benefit people in the UK through things like lower food prices and a larger market for our goods but will also genuinely help people in the developing world.
"Just think of the huge markets we can have direct access to instead of cowering in fear at the thought that leaving the single market when statistics clearly show that the EU has shrunk as a percentage of the world economy.
"Philip Hammond and the other Remainers might be stirring the pot as we go into these negotiations but they are belittling our country with their weasel words and should be consigned to the tea room of inconsequence with the other people who got it wrong whilst those of us who see the potential of laissez faire economics get on with the business of getting the best deal globally."

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