Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hillary Clinton.

Could it be worse than having George Bush as president of the USA? - Well as americans would say: "You better believe it!"

Hillary Rodham Clinton stands for just about everything I despise. The only thing I can say in her favour is that she is not Cherie Blair and she probably has little idea what the EU is.
She is a leftist, liberal, feminist who shares much of her husband's scandalous history - and I am NOT merely referring to the legions of young trollops who threw themselves at him - I do refer to financial and political horrors before that couple went into the White House - and many suggest AFTER.
I am decidedly uncomfortable with reports linking this pair to the elimination of people who opposed them and outright corrupt practices. They may of course be victims of the customary muckraking and mudslinging so typical of modern politics, but I do not think so.
Well done to Democrats in Iowa for putting her firmly into 3rd place. May there be many more such results.


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