Sunday, June 18, 2017

Corbyn - Disgraceful Conduct!

After the horrific blaze at Grenfell Tower, this should have been a week for the nation to unite in grief for the dead, the bereaved and the relatives of the missing.

But no. Barely had the body count begun – and it seems, tragically, that  it will run into scores – than hard-Left supporters of Jeremy Corbyn were spinning a narrative about the fire, blaming divisions of wealth, profiteering and (inevitably) ‘Tory cuts’. It should have been a week for politicians to join in demanding how such a catastrophe could happen in a first-world country, and seek immediate ways of averting another.
 Corbyn himself sought to advance his class-war agenda by insisting that the state should seize the properties of Kensington’s absentee rich to house those made homeless by the fire.
As if this weren’t bad enough, the Left played an unseemly game of competitive compassion (‘if Theresa May cared as much as Mr Corbyn, she would have talked to victims, not just emergency services’).
Enough! Out of respect for the victims and concern for others at risk, it is imperative to take the politics out of this tragedy and for our leaders, calmly yet urgently, to learn its lessons. Daily Mail.

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