Saturday, June 17, 2017

Pennypinching: Does It Cost Lives?

The first contractor chosen to refurbish Grenfell Tower was dropped to save cash, it was revealed today.
Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council became unhappy when preferred bidder Leadbitter told them the required works would cost £11.27 million because it was £1.6million more than they wanted to spend.
A housing report from 2013 shows that unless the price dropped the contract would be put out to tender again to ensure better 'value for money'.
Rydon would later win the work by saying it could replace windows, install a new heating system for flats and add the cladding, which experts believe accelerated the fire, for £8.7million. 
The deal done after re-tendering the Grenfell Tower saved the council £2.5million. Mail.

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