Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Diluted Brexit.

I have lost all faith in the the voting public. For my entire adult life, I have respected the vox populi and argued vigorously for it but this General Election has demonstrated the rank insanity which is prevalent amongst the electorate - nowhere more so than amongst many former Ukip voters.
I have tried, with very limited success, to research where the Ukip votes all went. All I can say is that from seat by seat analyses on the TV during a long night of horror, they seemed to have been shared pretty equally between the two larger parties.
Let us stop here and take stock.
These are not merely Brexit supporters - oh, no - they are Brexit voters first class who have gone on to vote Labour. Where is there any evidence of rational thought here? All they could possibly be doing was damaging the entire Brexit process!
I would find it hard to believe that the figures nationwide were fewer than a million voters - and possibly 1.5 million who did this!
Without these votes - Labour's seat tally would have been considerably lower and the Tory tally somewhat higher.
What they have done is not derailed Brexit - that will happen, in any case, I feel - but the kind of negotiating deal that we shall achieve will be a tiny fraction of what we were formerly going to manage.
The Tories have now got the likes of the appalling Anna Soubry and Ken Clarke who can join up with the DUP and the Scottish 'Tories' in a position to undermine the entire negotiation and to yield and kowtow to EU negotiators like the surrender monkeys they have always been. They will enjoy help from Labour and Lib Dems in all of the outworking of selling our country down the river.
I despair. I weep for democracy - and I just cannot believe that some 13 million people thought that giving the Tories a kicking was more important than stopping a terrorist-admiring Labour leadership from remaining at the forefront of politics.
At this precise moment, my politics are moving more in the direction of desiring a pragmatic, benevolent dictatorship! - Oh, I know full well that I shall, once again, turn fully democrat over the course of time BUT it will not come about easily.

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